Op-ed by James Scongack: When it comes to the global fight against cancer, the world needs more Canada

Canada has been at the forefront of isotope research, development, and production of nuclear medicine technologies for over seven decades. With leading nuclear expertise and achievements, Canada is uniquely situated to inspire isotope innovation, revolutionizing healthcare and leading the global fight against cancer. Globally, Canada is an essential part of the international supply chain for … Read more

Op-ed by Pam Damoff, MP

What is a medical isotope?  If you asked this question to most Canadians, their response would likely be something like, “I don’t know, but I know they are important.” Canada has been a world leader in the research, development, and production of medical isotopes for decades. But being the humble country that we are, we … Read more

CNIC Member Profile: McMaster University

As a member of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC) since 2018, McMaster University is committed to ensuring that Canada remains a world leader in the production of isotopes. With its world-renowned research facilities that enable discoveries in nuclear medicine, clean energy, and safety, McMaster plays a major role in global and domestic supply chains … Read more

CNIC Member Profile: Pacer Air Freight

With over 30 years of experience in shipping and a global network of trustworthy partners, Pacer Air Freight (Pacer) can safely, quickly, and effectively deliver isotope products worldwide. Pacer is an independent freight forwarder responsible for transporting many life-saving isotope supplies to hospitals and research institutions, and a valued member of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope … Read more

CNIC Member Profile: IPS-Integrated Project Services

With over 45 offices in 17 countries and decades of experience providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction Administration and Validation (EPCAV) services, IPS-Integrated Project Services (IPS) has become a global leader in developing innovative business solutions for the radiopharmaceutical industry. IPS Canada has served the life science and radiopharmaceutical industry for over five years and offers clients … Read more

CNIC Member Profile: South West Exposures

Formed just six years ago, South West Exposures (SWE) is a company specializing in the design and fabrication of disruptive shielding technology for radiopharmaceutical products. As a Canadian-made company, SWE’s products are revolutionizing the manipulation and transportation of medical isotopes in Canada and globally. SWE comprises a small team of experts with broad experience in … Read more

CNIC Member Profile: Stevcon Packaging & Logistics Ltd.

Based in Owen Sound, Ontario, Stevcon Packaging & Logistics Ltd. (Stevcon) was established in 1997 and has become a truly Made-in-Canada Isotope Packaging and Testing Hub. With expertise in providing packaging solutions for industrial companies across Ontario and nationwide, Stevcon has successfully developed certified packaging for medical isotopes that meets nuclear and commercial standards. While … Read more

Nuclear Science Week 2022: Canadian Isotopes are Transforming Healthcare

The week October 17th-21st, 2022 marked this year’s Nuclear Science Week (NSW), an international week-long celebration of all aspects of nuclear science. Held each October since 2010, NSW provides the opportunity to highlight innovation in nuclear and recognize the vital role it plays in the lives of people around the world. During NSW, many activities … Read more

CNIC Member Profile: Promation

Started in 1995, Promation quickly became an industry leader in automotive automation. Soon after, Promation leveraged its automation know-how and expanded into automation and tooling for nuclear applications for reactor maintenance, inspection, and refurbishment. Recently, Promation applied their knowledge of nuclear and automation to branch into the radiopharmaceutical industry. Promation now uses automation to developing … Read more