CNIC Member Profile: IPS-Integrated Project Services

With over 45 offices in 17 countries and decades of experience providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction Administration and Validation (EPCAV) services, IPS-Integrated Project Services (IPS) has become a global leader in developing innovative business solutions for the radiopharmaceutical industry. IPS Canada has served the life science and radiopharmaceutical industry for over five years and offers clients industry-leading technical experience, combined with the global regulatory knowledge necessary to understand global supply chains for radiopharmaceuticals.

IPS offers clients a single-source, integrated approach to the design and construction of technically complex facilities and technologies to that span across industries. Notably, IPS has supported several projects that contribute to Canada’s growing isotope industry. IPS has supported new Radio pharma facility start-ups including design and compliance support.  IPS has partnered on projects in various provinces that increased the supply chain of medical isotopes to the industry.

Considering each client’s needs, IPS focuses its efforts on developing cost-effective, high-quality, timely solutions through the entire life cycle of each project. In collaboration with its clients, IPS supports the exploration and advancements of innovative technology in Canada’s isotope industry.

With significant industry knowledge and expertise, IPS provides consulting, architecture, engineering, construction management, and compliance services, specifically designed with each client in mind to support Canada’s Isotope Ecosystem. IPS Canada is thus trusted to support multiple projects and clients, who create and manufacture life-saving radiopharmaceutical products. IPS’ services ensure Canadian companies can manufacture and get life-saving products to market quickly and safely.

 Canada’s isotope industry shows immense potential for growth. The Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC) was formed to maximize the strength of Canada’s isotope supply chains, raise awareness of the importance of isotopes to modern medicine, and facilitate Canadian leadership and collaboration in this space. As a member of the CNIC, IPS understands the value of a collaborative environment to drive innovation in Canada’s isotope industry.

IPS recently collaborated with a leading technology company, another CNIC member, to design a newly expanded medical isotope and radiopharmaceutical facility. The IPS-designed facility provided engineering solutions to support commercial-level manufacturing of their radiopharmaceutical products.

By working with the CNIC and other Canadian companies, IPS is committed to contributing to the delivery of life-saving radiopharmaceuticals to patients here in Canada. Now focused on fueling growth in the industry, IPS initiatives are now focused on supporting new nuclear and radiopharmaceutical companies across Canada and North America.