Board of Directors

James Scongack (Chair) – EVP, Operational Services & Chief Development Officer at Bruce Power
Dr. Karin Stephenson (Chief Science Officer) – Director, Nuclear Research and Education Support at McMaster University Nuclear Operations & Facilities

Dr. Travis Besanger – Senior Business & Technical Director of Medical Isotopes at Kinectrics

Terry Campkin – Senior Manager, Isotope Sales at Ontario Power Generation

Dr. Jonathan Cirtain – President and CEO of BWXT Medical

Peter D’Amico – Director of Isotopes at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Kathryn Hayashi – President and CEO of TRIUMF Innovations

Steffen Schuster – CEO of ITM Isotope Technologies Munich

Dr. Wayne Mullett – Global Director, Supply Chain and Development at Boston Scientific

Richard Wiens – Director of Business Development & Strategic Supply at Nordion