Istopes for Hope

In March 2023, CNIC launched its Isotopes for Hope campaign, focused on the goal of expanding Canada’s global leadership in the development, supply, and use of medical isotopes and raising awareness for the pivotal role that isotopes play in modern medicine.

As part of Phase 1 of the Isotopes for Hope campaign, CNIC released a new report entitled “Isotopes for Hope: Canadian Leadership Needed Now More Than Ever.” The report offers updated market figures, emerging trends for isotopes, and opportunities for Canada in the global market. 

The global market for nuclear medicine is anticipated to reach up to $33 billion US by 2031. Given the significant opportunities for Canada to act as a global leader in the fight against cancer, the Isotopes for Hope campaign is built upon an ambitious vision of doubling Canada’s production of medical isotopes by 2030 to meet rising need.

The campaign also seeks to identify barriers to unleashing Canada’s true isotope potential and commits to working alongside governments to develop solutions and encourage support for the industry. The Isotopes for Hope report contains several recommendations for government to best support the growing industry through policy, financial, and regulatory measures.

Furthering CNIC’s advocacy efforts through the Isotope for Hope campaign, CNIC released Isotopes for Hope: Update on Recommendations in October, 2023, which serves as an update to CNIC’s advocacy efforts through the campaign. The report summarizes the progress made on each recommendation, identifies ongoing industry challenges, and identifies advocacy focus areas for 2024, all to maintain momentum and continue working toward the goal of doubling production by 2030.

Isotopes for Hope Podcast

In Phase 2 of the Isotopes for Hope campaign, CNIC will continue to advocate and raise awareness for the important work being done across the country to secure supply and connect patients with life-saving treatments. In 2024, the campaign reaches a new medium through the release of the Isotopes for Hope Podcast series.

This multi-part series highlights Canadian leaders in the country’s isotope and cancer care sector who are contributing to Canada’s leadership role in fighting cancer. We aim to feature unique stories and perspectives about the importance of isotopes from industry leaders across the country.

Listen to the Isotopes for Hope Podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Youtube. Watch the series trailer below.