CNIC and Rayatom Technologies to collaborate to shape the future of comprehensive radiopharmaceutical production

Toronto – May 28 2024 – Over the past six years, the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council has worked to expand its membership to encompass the entire isotope production pipeline from coast to coast. Today, CNIC is proud to welcome Rayatom Technologies, an important piece of the Canadian radiopharmaceutical value chain.

Based in Kanata, Ontario, Rayatom is a go-to solution for cutting-edge radiopharmacy automation and production solutions and services, including target delivery systems, dissolution and purification, radiochemistry solutions, shielded containment and isolators, and more. Rayatom is a proudly Canadian company that offers targeted solutions for PET and theranostics radiopharmaceutical companies to streamline and support production processes.

Committed to improving access and distribution of life-saving treatments around the world, Rayatom helps its customers to optimize and elevate every stage of radiopharmaceutical production process, from initial design, to distribution, to regulatory support. Now, Rayatom is looking to grow its footprint in the Canadian radiopharmaceutical field to explore additional opportunities to invest in and support Canadian-made innovation.

Together, CNIC and Rayatom will work towards the mission to address the growing demand for radiopharmaceuticals, highlighting the role that automation and technology can play to ensure Canada remains at the forefront of the global nuclear medicine industry.

“With Rayatom as the newest member, the CNIC gains a true innovator in Canada’s isotope industry. Canada already has a reputation as a leader in the global nuclear medicine market, and leadership from members like Rayatom across the entire radiopharmaceutical supply chain will ensure Canada remains at the forefront of this industry,” said CNIC Chair James Scongack.

“At Rayatom Technologies, we are excited to join the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council. Together, we aim to advance radiopharmaceutical production through innovation and collaboration, ensuring Canada remains a leader in nuclear medicine. By enhancing production processes, we strive to improve access to life-saving treatments for patients worldwide.” Said Mohammed Hammad, Founder and Principal Managing Partner at Rayatom Technologies.

Developing techniques and infrastructure to improve radiopharmaceutical production processes will have a significant positive impact on healthcare in Canada and around the world. The CNIC looks forward to working alongside its growing membership including Rayatom Technologies to continue connecting patients to life-changing products and technologies.

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