The Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council partners with NUCM to strengthen Canada’s nuclear medicine industry

Toronto – May 15, 2024– NUCM, a Canadian company that produces GMP Radiopharmaceuticals crucial for medical imaging and treatments, has joined the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC).

NUCM is a source for all commonly-used Tc-99m SPECT radiopharmaceuticals and continue to expand their production to additional customized Theranostic Radiopharmaceuticals, and new PET products containing Gallium-68. NUCM offers products to diagnose and treat various illnesses, offering new hope to patients here in Canada

As Canada strives to secure its leadership position in the production, research, and development of medical isotopes, we must continue to foster innovation and collaboration in the isotope industry. The CNIC is made up of members from the Canadian health sector, nuclear industry, and research bodies that work together to strengthen Canada’s isotope industry and supply of critical radiopharmaceuticals.

Canada is home to nearly the entire production pipeline for various medical isotopes and is a leader in the global supply, helping to transform patient experiences around the world. Canada’s Isotope Ecosystem boasts a network of producers and irradiators, as well as the supply chain companies that provide necessary specialized equipment. With new companies like NUCM entering the market, patients will have access to cost-effective, Canadian-made radiopharmaceuticals.

“The world continues to rely on Canada for its supply of critical isotopes, and the CNIC was established to ensure this leadership can continue,” said James Scongack, Chair of the CNIC. “To ensure that patients can rely on a ready supply life-saving radiopharmaceutical products, Canada needs to encourage collaboration between members of the Isotope Ecosystem. The CNIC is proud to work collaboratively with companies like NUCM to advocate to strengthen our domestic supply of isotopes.”

“NUCM is pleased to join the CNIC to bring recognition to the incredible innovation being done in radiopharmaceutical research and commercial production,” said Neena Kanwar, President and CEO of NUCM. “Radiopharmaceuticals have the ability to transform healthcare in Canada and around the world, so we are excited to partner with the CNIC on future advocacy initiatives.”

In 2024, the CNIC will continue working alongside its members to promote public and government awareness about the use and benefits of nuclear medicine technologies and radiopharmaceuticals.

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