The Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council to partner with D-Pace to increase collaboration across Canada’s entire isotope supply chain

Toronto – September 19 2023 – The Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC) is excited to announce that D-Pace, a supplier of products and services to the Canadian and international commercial accelerator industry, has become a member. Together, D-Pace and CNIC will collaborate on future education initiatives and efforts to expand Canada’s research capabilities in ion sources and plasma technologies.

Based in Nelson, British Columbia, D-Pace is an expert in beamline systems, beam diagnostic devices, and ion sources for research, industrial, and commercial accelerator systems. D-Pace develops ion sources for cyclotron manufacturers and stable isotope production, and produces beamline systems and solid target systems for medical radioisotope producers. D-Pace also undertakes commercialization projects to help new, innovative products reach the market.

As the voice of the Canadian isotope industry, the CNIC aims to include all aspects of the supply chain from coast to coast within its membership. This includes producers and irradiators, healthcare organizations, the nuclear industry, policy and advocacy bodies, and world-class supply chain companies that facilitate the production of dozens of essential isotopes. D-Pace’s ion source technologies are responsible for the first step of particle acceleration for many different types of accelerators, including those used to produce medical isotopes.

 “The entire Canadian isotope supply chain relies on companies like D-Pace at the very beginning of the production pipeline,” said James Scongack, Chair of the CNIC. “We are stronger with essential supply chain companies like D-Pace joining the CNIC to drive advocacy in the isotope industry in the future. As the global market for isotopes and ion sources grows in the coming years, it will be important that Canada’s entire supply chain works collectively to ensure our country is well poised to lead this growth.”

“As Canada’s premier supplier of ion sources for medical isotope production, we at D-Pace are very pleased to be joining CNIC,” said Morgan Dehnel, Founder and Chief Science & Innovation Officer of D-Pace. “Our CNIC membership will enable us to better understand the breadth of the medical isotope ecosystem in Canada, and it will help us be in closer contact with the community.”

To staff the anticipated growth in the isotope industry, D-Pace has become a leader in talent development and skills training for beamline and ion source development. D-Pace undertakes original research to develop new products in cooperation with Masters, PhD students, and Post Doctorate Researchers and facilitates the specialized training of its own scientists, engineers, and ion source experts. As a result, D-Pace has grown one of the largest ion source teams in Canada in-house.

The CNIC’s latest report, Securing Canadian Isotope Talent and Expertise shows the importance of sufficient and well-trained talent to support the Canadian isotope industry and maintain our global leadership position. To address the labour gaps, we must work with private sector companies, industry, academic institutions, and government. The CNIC looks forward to collaborating with D-Pace, a leader in training ion source experts, to enable appropriate skills development for similar highly specialized positions in the industry.

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