TAM International LP joins Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council to help address logistical issues in Canadian isotope supply chain

Global leader in finding end-to-end solutions for transportation of radioactive materials becomes latest member of coalition of science, health care and nuclear sector advocating for life-saving medical isotopes

TORONTO – December 21, 2020 – TAM International LP, a leader as an end-to end-solution in the transportation of radioactive materials, has become the newest member of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC).  The strategic partnership is aimed at helping members of the CNIC and the broader Canadian isotope sector move isotopes and their by-products more safely and efficiently to hospitals and other health-care facilities around the world.

The CNIC serves as a voice to safeguard the continued availability of isotopes by ensuring that public policies in this arena are risk informed and science based, and foster the health and well-being of Canadians. Leveraging Canada’s existing physical and knowledge infrastructure to revitalize the domestic isotope supply chain will lead to new and innovative patient treatments, and maintain Canada’s role as a global leader in nuclear science and technology.

Isotope packaging, shipping and handling can be a just-in-time action, creating economic and health challenges when products are not delivered on time or lost.  Patients’ lives can be put at risk, as well as world-leading health innovation and research halted due to supply issues.

“The transportation and packaging of radioactive materials in Canada and around the world is a highly regulated space, and rightfully so,” said Kurtis Hinz, Chief Executive Officer at TAM International LP. “This ensures that materials are able to make it from point A to point B safely.

“Our expertise in shipping, by land, sea and air with nuclear front-end and back-end materials, rare earth materials and isotopes for decades has allowed us to build the relationships and expertise necessary to efficiently and effectively move these materials all around the world. By working with the CNIC we see the potential to elevate Canadian companies, helping them reach more markets both domestically and abroad by helping solve the difficult question of logistics in shipping and handling of these sensitive materials.”

Over the past few months the CNIC and its partners at the Nuclear Innovation Institute and McMaster University have been collaborating on a deep dive into some of the supply chain challenges in the Canadian isotope sector.  While the full release of that report is expected in 2021, one of the key challenges identified by the group through its research and outreach is logistics and transportation issues with isotopes.

“The purpose of the all work we are doing at the CNIC is to help improve patient outcomes and solidify the Canadian isotope ecosystem as the world leader that it is,” said CNIC Chair James Scongack.  “Our research projects like the one above, which will deliver a ground-breaking analysis of the Canadian isotope supply chain, has helped us to understand the challenges of this sector in greater detail than ever captured before.

“Now, instead of waiting to act, we are partnering with companies like TAM International LP to better understand the solutions that will help ensure the safe and efficient delivery of a reliable supply of isotopes spearheaded by Canadian expertise.”

This year, the CNIC is focused on bridging these public and private coalitions into demonstrable results for Canadians, searching for new life-saving cancer treatments. Heading into 2021 the CNIC will continue to promote public awareness about the use and benefits of medical/industrial isotopes and radiation technologies, and work with government stakeholders to ensure that the public policy landscape promotes innovation and supports the increased proliferation of medical and industrial isotope uses.

About The Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council

The CNIC is a coalition of science, health care and nuclear sector organizations to ensure Canada remains a world leader in the production of life-saving isotopes by bringing awareness and supporting long-term policies at the domestic and international level that will save countless lives and support health-care innovation for decades to come. To learn more about the CNIC visit www.CanadianIsotopes.ca and follow us on, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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About TAM International LP

Established in 2004, TAM International offers full-service expertise in the packaging, handling, and global transportation of radioactive materials and other high consequence cargo. With its head-office in Saskatoon, TAM has presence in Vancouver, Ontario, USA, UK, Europe, and India, supported by a diversified international team of experts and supply chain partners globally. By operating in the global nuclear, rare earth and NORM industry for over 16 years, TAM has developed a firsthand knowledge and experience on the processes and regulations related to handling of radioactive materials including medical isotopes.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified organization, TAM is committed to uncompromising quality at all levels of the company’s operations, including our supply chain, and our industry-leading customer service. Driven by Canadian values supporting the local community and industry, and supported by strategic international partnerships, TAM International provides comprehensive, innovative, cost-effective and safe transportation solutions for customers worldwide.

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