Storied Nuclear Manufacturer, Niagara Energy Products, joins the CNIC

TORONTO – August 24, 2021 – Niagara Energy Products (NEP), a leader in the field of manufacturing radiation shielded containment vessels for isotopes and nuclear contaminated waste, has joined the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC).

NEP has a long and storied history in Canada, with three large manufacturing plants in Ontario, providing high-quality jobs in both the nuclear and commercial sector. With over two decades of experience in radiation shielding manufacturing in many materials, NEP possesses the expertise to design and build the most complex shielding fabrications. NEP are also a leading manufacturer of reactor headers and other primary pressure boundary components for CANDU reactors across the globe.

“Our advanced and innovative manufacturing techniques means that we can supply the highest quality fabrications at an attractive price,” said Dominic Girotti, Vice President and General Manager of NEP. “With our extensive knowledge of radiation shielding, NEP’s expansion into producing containers for medical isotopes was a clear and logical step for the company. With the global medical isotope market growing at a rapid pace, due to rising demand for new and innovative cancer treatments, NEP has the expertise to assist the Canadian isotope ecosystem in meeting this new demand and is delighted to join the CNIC to support this growth.”

As highlighted in the CNIC’s latest report, produced in partnership with the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries, the entire supply chain for medical isotope production, enrichment, irradiation and processing exists within our borders. As the industry continues to grow, companies like NEP, which already has a long history as partners with Canada’s nuclear industry, are finding new ways to support the needs of this emerging nuclear medical sector.

“The number of nuclear medical procedures conducted annually around the world is projected to rise beyond 40 million, as existing therapies and imaging techniques are used more extensively and new ones are introduced,” said James Scongack, Chair of the CNIC, and Bruce Power’s Chief Development Officer & Executive Vice President, Operational Services. “Many of these procedures rely on the irradiation of rare stable isotopes, which require special shielding and containment like those produced by NEP.”

By using Canada’s existing target irradiation facilities at Bruce Power, Ontario Power Generation, McMaster University, medical cyclotrons, TRIUMF, and others to their fullest capabilities, Canada can once again become the world’s preeminent producer of isotopes and developer of new therapies, Scongack added.

“Emerging opportunities for Canada, as the developer of new therapies and imaging techniques with current work on Targeted Alpha Therapies, is truly ground-breaking and strongly supported by the CNIC. When it comes to meeting some of the world’s greatest health challenges, all eyes are on Canada.”

The CNIC and its members promote public awareness about the use and benefits of medical/industrial isotopes and radiation technologies, while working with government stakeholders to ensure the public policy landscape promotes innovation in Canadian health care.

About the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council

The CNIC is a coalition of science, health-care and nuclear-sector organizations to ensure Canada remains a world leader in the production of life-saving isotopes by bringing awareness and supporting long-term policies at the domestic and international level that will save countless lives and support health-care innovation for decades to come. To learn more about the CNIC visit and follow us on, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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About Niagara Energy Products

Niagara Energy Products is a heavy manufacturer serving the nuclear markets, oil and gas, and general heavy fabrication. Our largest clients are the nuclear power plant operators across Canada. Over the last two decades, our clients have come to trust Niagara Energy Products as a premier designer and manufacture of nuclear waste containers to the highest standards.

The dedicated team of employees at Niagara Energy Products consists of trained engineers, experienced quality assurance and control staff, qualified fitters and welders, and dedicated project managers. We are a turn-key solutions provider; we will design a solution that meets your needs, manage the entire procurement process on your behalf, execute the fabrication against detailed plans, and commission the work prior to it being shipped to you. Our experienced team will ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our product and are available today to discuss how we might be able to make a positive contribution to your business objectives.

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