Stevcon Packaging & Logistics LTD. join the CNIC on its mission to ensure a continuous and reliable supply of medical isotopes

Stevcon Packaging &Logistics LTD (SP&L) located in Owen Sounds and a leading designer and producer of packaging to Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers for both domestic and global nuclear projects is now part of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC).

“As a key supplier of shipping and packaging materials such as Tooling, Ram Assemblies, Feeder Pipes, End Fittings, Liners, Fuel Channels, Channel Closures, Shield Plugs, and Flux Detectors to the Bruce Power Major Component Replacement Project and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Darlington Refurbishment, our company understands the value that these two generating stations deliver to Ontarians every day,” said Steve Warwick, President and CEO of Stevcon.

“On top of this, both OPG and Bruce Power are turning the Canadian isotope sector upside down as they begin to install one-of-a-kind delivery systems that will allow power reactors to produce medical isotopes like never before. A secure supply of a diverse portfolio of isotopes is essential to maintaining and improving our standard of living. Isotopes are used every day to verify the safety of our roadways, discover and develop natural resources, test industrial products, and support research in mental health and aging.

“At SP&L, we believe that this message needs to be elevated amongst those inside and outside of the industry. This is why we are joining the coalition of organizations which support the CNIC and its mandate.”

Last month the CNIC celebrated its second anniversary. In only a couple of years the CNIC has grown to well over 60 members and its impact is being demonstrated at all levels of government.

“Since its inception the CNIC set out with a clear mandate to educate and advocate the public, politicians and those within the industry about the importance of a reliable, secure supply chain for Canadian isotopes used in the fight against cancer,” said CNIC Chair James Scongack. “There are solutions and one of the foundations upon which the CNIC was created is to work with government on finding them.

“Leveraging existing infrastructure, creating redundancy in supply, and supporting Canada’s isotope industry by developing policies and a strategy that aim to foster competitiveness, supports the promotion and development of isotopes both for export and to be used in fighting cancer. This will not only have a significant positive impact on human health across the globe, but will expand Canada’s leadership role globally. As we continue to grow with organizations like SP&L supporting our mission the reach of the CNIC will grow with it. This will be imperative as we fight to ensure Canada remains a leader in this space for years to come.”

The CNIC serves as a voice to safeguard the continued availability of isotopes by ensuring that our public policies in this arena are risk informed and science based, and foster the health and well-being of Canadians. Leveraging Canada’s existing physical and knowledge infrastructure to revitalize the

domestic isotope supply chain will lead to new and innovative patient treatments, and maintain Canada’s role as a global leader in nuclear science and technology.

About Stevcon Packaging & Logistics LTD.

Stevcon Packaging & Logistics Ltd (SP&L) is now part of the Stevcon Group which was established in 1997. SP&L’s management team are experts in providing packaging materials and services to the nuclear industry. SP&L was created primarily to serve suppliers to the Bruce Power MCR Project and assist those companies in achieving the Tri-County content conditions as part of their Contract commitments. SP&L also offers packaging solutions to other nuclear applications, including Darlington and offshore locations.

Our Team has been involved in packaging of major components, spares and tooling for Nuclear Reactors, both domestic and global.

For more information please contact:
Steve Warwick
President and CEO
Office: 519-372-2775
Mobile: 416-505-3223