Isotope Production System at Bruce Power commences Commercial Production of Lutetium-177

Toronto, Ontario – October 25, 2022 – Yesterday, the international partnership between Bruce Power, Isogen (a Kinectrics and Framatome company), and ITM Isotope Technologies Munich (ITM), announced the start of commercial production of lutetium-177.

Lutetium-177 is a medical isotope used for targeted cancer therapies. The properties of the isotope allow it to bond with a targeting vector – a protein or peptide that has cancer-seeking abilities. Once it locates the tumour site in the body, the isotope can cause damage to the immediate area, causing the tumour to shrink, without harming surrounding tissues. Lutetium-177 is used in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumours, prostate cancer, and other forms of cancer.

Together, Bruce Power, Isogen, and ITM, have collaborated on this multi-year project that has culminated in the commercial production of this cancer-fighting isotope. Bruce Power has also entered into an equity partnership called Gamzook’aamin Aakoziwin with the Saugeen Ojibway Nation to market the new isotope.

As demand for lutetium-177 grows exponentially, it is essential to secure a supply chain for this emerging isotope. In Canada, many new lutetium-177-based treatments and pharmaceuticals are expected to reach the market in the next few years, which will further fuel demand.

“This project is a great example of Canadian leadership in the global isotope industry,” said James Scongack, Chair of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC). “The start of commercial production at Bruce Power marks a major milestone in positioning Canada at the forefront of medical isotope production. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Bruce Power, ITM, and Isogen, patients around the world will be able to count on reliable access to lifesaving cancer treatments.”

Canada’s isotope ecosystem is host to nearly the complete supply chain for many medical isotopes. Within this ecosystem, CNIC members have contributed world-class expertise and innovation, helping Canada establish itself as a global leader in isotope research and production. As a result, patients around the world depend on Canada’s continued leadership. The CNIC was formed to safeguard the availability of isotopes and to expand Canada’s position in the global isotope industry.

The CNIC congratulates Bruce Power, Isogen, and ITM on this major achievement. As the world’s first large-scale production system for lutetium-177, this project is a step towards achieving a secure supply chain for cancer-fighting lutetium-177 and exploring the production of other life-saving medical isotopes in the future.

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