CNIC celebrates leaders across the Canadian isotope landscape at the 2023 CNIC Awards Reception

Ottawa – February 28, 2023 – At the Canadian Nuclear Association annual conference, the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC) was pleased to gather leaders in the isotope industry for the 2023 CNIC Awards Reception, hosted by iPolitics. The CNIC Awards provide an annual platform to recognize the ongoing growth and success of CNIC and its valued members and supporters.

This year, CNIC presented five awards to recognize individuals and organizations who have shown incredible leadership and championed advocacy in the Canadian isotope sector. Attended by CNIC members across the isotope supply chain, elected officials and key staff from all parties, representatives from several federal government departments, and the media, the Awards Reception is a celebration of those who have demonstrated excellence on the isotope file in 2023.

MP Pam Damoff, a long-time supporter of the isotope industry and the recipient of last year’s Federal Government Stewardship Award, presented this year’s Award to the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry of Canada. Minister Champagne demonstrated his commitment to the Canadian isotope industry through his steadfast support and action to help drive forward the funding awarded to the Canadian Medical Isotope Ecosystem initiative through ISED’s Strategic Innovation Fund. This funding will directly contribute to the advancement of medical isotope supply and technologies, transforming patient outcomes across the country.

“Innovative domestic manufacturing hubs for medical isotopes are essential for our country,” said Minister Champagne. “That’s why our government is partnering with this vital industry and investing in research and development for life-saving diagnostic tools for Canadians. Thank you to the CNIC for this award, and my sincere congratulations to the exceptional individuals driving the work forward for the Canadian isotope sector.”

“Canada has been a world leader in the research, development, and production of medical isotopes for decades. There are tremendous opportunities for growth both domestically and internationally for medical isotopes, and we are well positioned to take advantage of that growth,” said MP Pam Damoff”

This year’s Not-for-Profit Advocacy Award was presented to the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation in recognition of its work and dedication in bringing the International Conference on Isotopes to Canada in 2023. The event directly contributed to the advancement of new partnerships and collaborations in industry and showcased Canada’s isotope leadership to the international community.

Recognizing a young professional in the isotope industry who has driven advocacy, research, and outreach in the industry, the Emerging Isotope Champion Award was presented to Erica Dao of McMaster University. Erica’s leadership at McMaster has spurred the creation of new innovative initiatives to connect students and young professionals with career opportunities in the industry and increase public education and awareness about isotopes.

The 2023 Medical Isotope Milestone Award was jointly presented to Ontario Power Generation, Laurentis Energy Partners, and BWXT Medical for their collective efforts in developing the world’s first technetium-99m generator produced in a commercial power reactor. As the most commonly used isotope globally, this milestone achievement ensures that Tc-99m can continue to be produced domestically, directly contributing to the accessibility of life-saving diagnostic scans for Canadian patients.

Finally, this year’s CNIC MVP Award was presented to Peter D’Amico from Canadian Nuclear Laboratories for his unwavering drive for excellence, leadership, and expertise. As a member of the CNIC Board of Directors, Peter regularly goes above and beyond to develop ways to grow the CNIC’s membership, identify avenues for funding, and support outreach initiatives and strategic partnerships with other organizations.

“The CNIC Awards are an opportunity to recognize standout achievements and isotope leaders who are actively working to secure Canada’s leadership in the global fight against cancer. However, Canada’s true strength comes from its collective expertise and leadership across the industry, as CNIC members from coast-to-coast continue to demonstrate how Canada is paving the way in isotope innovation,” said James Scongack, Chair of the CNIC. “CNIC is proud of the progress made in 2023 and looks forward to collaborating with its members to maintain and build upon this momentum.”

CNIC extends its congratulations to all the award recipients and expresses gratitude to our members and supporters who continue to demonstrate a remarkable commitment to innovation and excellence in the Canadian nuclear isotope industry. CNIC’s efforts to fulfill our collective goals and shape the future of nuclear medicine are only possible with their continued support.

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