Canadian Isotope Innovations Corp. partners with the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council to ensure reliable production of safe, pure medical isotopes

Canadian Isotope Innovations Corp., whose cutting-edge technology stands to take Canada another leap forward as a leader in medical isotope innovation, has joined the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC).

The company is the latest addition to a growing list of members joining the CNIC, an independent body made up of representatives from the Canadian health sector, nuclear industry and leading research groups. The CNIC, with the support of its members, is committed to ensuring reliable production of safe, pure medical isotopes crucial to Canada’s health-care system.

“One in two people will require Tc-99m for a test that determines whether he or she has an ailment,” said Mark De Jong, Chief Technology Officer, Canadian Isotope Innovations. “Through cutting-edge diagnostic technology, isotopes are used to identify internal ailments and allow medical professionals to quickly and accurately treat patients. Canadian Isotope Innovations (CIIC) is the difference.

“Using an advanced linear accelerator production process, we will produce a critical solution to the world’s medical isotope shortage which is clean and reliable. Partnering with the CNIC after seeing their extensive outreach and demonstrated leadership on the medical isotope file presents a new and exciting opportunity for CIIC to further leverage its technology and prove it as a crucial and reliable supplier of Tc-99m.”

“Medical isotopes provide a pathway for health-care professionals to improve lives through targeted imaging and therapy that will deliver a specific medical diagnosis and treatment to an individual. They provide the foundation to advance research for improved drug discovery and development,” said CNIC Chair James Scongack. “Canada has a unique position that is recognized internationally. It is the world’s largest supplier of Cobalt-60 and Iodine-125; it hosts mostly all supply chain partners within its borders; it has a long tradition in supply chain collaboration; and it is renowned around the world for developing new applications.

“CIIC is a tremendous example of Canadian innovation, and by joining the CNIC, it will further elevate the importance of Canadian ingenuity in this sector to ensure critical supply for the Canadian health-care sector.”

Canada is a leader in the fight against cancer and disease, but our work isn’t nearly done. It’s a time to make a renewed commitment to finding new programs, products and procedures to improve people’s lives, which is why the CNIC will remain focused on ensuring that Canada continues to be a world leader in the production of life-saving isotopes by bringing awareness and supporting long-term policies at the domestic and international levels that will save countless lives and support health-care innovation for decades to come.


About Canadian Isotope Innovations

Canadian Isotopes Innovation, a branch of Canadian Light Source, is a Saskatoon-based organization that will produce Technetium-99m (Tc-99m) a specific type of isotope used by pharmaceutical processes for medical diagnostic tests. CIIC seeks to solve the world’s current medical isotope shortage using their clean, safe and dependable process for this critical issue in the radio-pharmaceutical industry. To learn more about the CIIC visit

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Mark de Jong
Chief Technology Officer
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