AtomVie Global Radiopharma Inc. joins the CNIC to bring new leadership, innovation, and collaboration to the radiopharmaceutical industry.

Toronto – November 2, 2022 – AtomVie Global Radiopharma Inc. (AtomVie), a manufacturer and supplier of multiple finished-dose therapeutic radiopharmaceutical products, is the newest member of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC).

AtomVie has developed over 7 years of experience in the GMP manufacturing and global distribution of radiopharmaceuticals as the former CMO business unit of the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC). Now as CPDC’s most recent spin-out company, AtomVie plans to construct a new state-of-the-art facility to expand its current clinical manufacturing capacity and include commercial-level production of radiotherapeutics and medical isotopes.

With expertise in radiolabelling with many isotopes, including lutetium-177, actinium-225, and iodine-131, among others, AtomVie will leverage its in-depth expertise in radiopharmaceutical manufacturing to support innovative treatments in Canada and all over the world. Together with the other CNIC members, AtomVie will help Canada become a global leader in the international supply chain for critical isotopes and radiotherapeutics, offering innovative cancer treatments to patients in Canada and across the world.

“As a new member of the CNIC, AtomVie is joining a growing membership of organizations that are committed to securing the continued availability of isotopes for Canadian patients, said James Scongack, Chair of the CNIC. “AtomVie brings new innovation and leadership to the industry, so we are thrilled to welcome AtomVie to the CNIC.”

As global demand for many emerging isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals increase, it is essential to secure commercial-scale production here in Canada. This involves promoting collaboration across all the partners in the radiopharmaceutical sector.

Since its inception in 2018, the CNIC has emerged as a champion of Canada’s medical isotope sector. In partnership with its members, the CNIC is actively working to foster an ecosystem of innovation, create jobs, and advocate for Canada’s position as a global leader in isotope research and production.

“AtomVie is excited to join the CNIC to pursue new partnerships in the medical isotope sector,” said Bruno Paquin, Chief Executive Officer at AtomVie. “With scientific, technical, logistics, and business expertise, AtomVie supports the full scope of clinical and commercial manufacturing of emerging radiotherapeutics as well as their global distribution. We look forward to participating in future CNIC opportunities to collaborate with other organizations in this powerful industry and to be an integral member of the Canadian Radiopharmaceutical and Medical Isotope Ecosystem.”

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