ACIC Pharmaceutical Machinery Inc. joins the CNIC to help Canadian companies bring radiopharmaceutical products “from Molecule to Market”

Toronto – February 7, 2023 – ACIC Pharmaceutical Machinery, a Canadian company located in Brantford, ON, is the newest member of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC). ACIC Machinery provides complete equipment and automation solutions needed to manufacture radiopharmaceuticals. Together, the CNIC and ACIC Machinery will work to encourage future partnerships by bringing industry-leading technology to the Canadian radiopharmaceutical market.

As a North American company branching into the Canadian isotope market, ACIC Machinery is looking to provide radiopharmaceutical companies across Canada with manufacturing and technology solutions. With a global network of clients and partners, ACIC Machinery has been a key supplier to the North American pharmaceutical industry. Over the past decades, ACIC Machinery has utilized its extensive experience in the design and commissioning of state-of-the-art equipment for radiopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The main focus of ACIC Machinery is sterile injectable and nuclear products. ACIC Machinery’s portfolio includes custom automation and robotic handling solutions for many stages of radiopharmaceutical production, including hot cells, synthesis, formulation, product recovery, assay monitoring, dispensing, PMI inspection supported by Artificial Intelligence, labelling, cartoning, and palletizing.

“ACIC Machinery’s manufacturing expertise gives nuclear medicine companies around the world the tools they need to produce cutting-edge radiopharmaceutical products,” said Eduardo Andrade, General Manager of ACIC Machinery. “We have produced numerous hot cell lines for the production of radiopharmaceuticals and are now focusing on supporting the efforts of Canadian companies. We are excited to partner with the CNIC and Canadian isotope leaders to facilitate the production of various radiopharmaceuticals in Canada.”

The CNIC, made up of 77 members representing nuclear and isotope industries, the healthcare sector, and broader research groups, advocates on the importance of expanding Canadian leadership in the production of radiopharmaceuticals and isotopes. Companies in Canada produce a significant portion of the world’s supply of critical isotopes used in various nuclear medicine procedures, and are expanding their activities to encompass a new range of projects and products.

“To support future expansion in the isotope industry, Canada’s isotope community will require automation and manufacturing solutions to allow for safe, scalable production practices,” said James Scongack, Chair of the CNIC.” ACIC Machinery brings new technology and expertise to the industry and will help to enable innovation in Canada’s radiopharmaceutical industry. We look forward to facilitating collaboration between ACIC Machinery and other CNIC members in this powerful industry.”

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About the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council

The CNIC is a coalition of science, healthcare and nuclear-sector organizations to ensure Canada remains a world leader in the production of life-saving isotopes by bringing awareness and supporting long-term policies at the domestic and international level that will save countless lives and support health-care innovation for decades to come.

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