CNIC Hill Day 2023

On June 8, 2023, the CNIC along with representatives of several member companies met in Ottawa for a day of advocacy on Parliament Hill to advocate for various issues that impact Canada’s isotope industry and how the federal government can foster growth in the industry.

CNIC representatives with MP Pam Damoff

MP Ted Falk and MP Arnold Viersen

Our Hill Day featured a total of 24 in-person meetings in addition to another several virtual meetings organized on other days. Our meetings included 14 Members of Parliament from three parties, one senator, plus an additional five meetings with political staffers from various offices. We also met individuals in the Government of Canada bureaucracy across several different departments, including the Ministry of Finance, Health Canada, and Natural Resources Canada.

The objective of this year’s Hill Day centered around the goals of the CNIC’s Isotopes for Hope campaign and report, released in March of this year. The Isotopes for Hope report explores Canada’s global leadership in supply of medical isotopes, highlights emerging market trends, and outlines how governments can support the industry as it doubles production of isotopes by 2030. To solidify Canada’s leadership in the global market, Canada must establish a focused strategy that funds innovation, provides industry-government coordination, and facilitates private-sector and government investment.

This focused federal strategy must be cross-functionally aligned with various government Ministries, and will require coordination across several federal and provincial departments. The CNIC is well poised to lead the development of this strategy in collaboration with both industry and government.

MP Jenna Sudds
MP Bryan May
MP John Aldag
Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch
MP Lindsay Mathyssen
MP Corey Tochor
MP Phillip Lawrence
MP Yasir Naqvi

Supporters and participants

Success of the 2023 Hill Day is thanks to the organizational support provided by Temple Scott Associates and to the participation of the following CNIC members:


  • AtomVie Global Radiopharma
  • Boston Scientific
  • Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
  • Bruce Power
  • BWXT Medical
  • Centre of Probe Development and Commercialization
  • Laurentis Energy Partners
  • McMaster University
  • Nordion
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Promation
  • TRIUMF Innovations
  • Westinghouse Electric Canada